By Marcelino Arcilla Rapayla Jr.


Some people say, “Are you insane?” And some others say, “You’re too old enough to enter.”

Despite this, I entered the seminary and quit from my stable job. It’s true that if you want to follow Jesus Christ you’ll become foolish person, in the context of leaving all the worldly possessions for the formation and being dictated by that almighty bell for the day’s tasks in the seminary.

I experienced misunderstanding with my young fellow seminarians and a great adjustment in my new endeavor. My desire directed me to move on despite my regency due to academic reason at San Carlos Seminary College (SCSC). I kept on searching for the truth. The true happiness is that which is spoken to the inner reality of my human longing as a person. Like our Holy Father Augustine, my heart is restless until it rests in Him, my Supreme Being.

I am so happy that behind the dark clouds and the fact that I’m already 40 years old), while searching from several communities, the Order of the Discalced Augustinians accepted me.

Yes, until now I am still persevering in my academic life in the seminary. It maybe hard but I believe that God is there to help me for I know that He is calling me. That’s why I am nurturing this vocation in my seminary formation. One thing that I have learned from our Holy Father is the truth which will is found only in our hearts and that truth is God.

On the other hand, from a Christian perspective, sharing a part of my organ is a life-time sacrifice but I believe that I am doing this as a fruit of the Holy Spirit’s gift which is courage. This courage moved me to be a living witness of His love. The good deeds I’ve done are the values that I have learned from the life in and out the seminary.

In the aspect of seminary as a community, I do not believe that there is a perfect community but nurturing my life in this place and the ways I dealt with the circumstances, they are ways of shaping my life into the perfect image for the greater glory of God.

Yes folks, it is life’s system that captures God’s wisdom for coping with our most difficult problems. I keep this desire burning in my heart because as we entrust our life with God, He will possess us not only what is in our head but He will use our hearts as well. After all, “Moingon man sila nga nabuang ko but at least, sa Ginoo.”